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Where: The Show Gallery, Jax Building, 253 E 4th Street, Suite 110, St. Paul, Minnesota

When: March 2 – April 17  Opening: March 4th 6-9pm

The Show Art Gallery is showcasing artists from the Jax building in Lowertown Saint Paul. Sadly, we are losing our beloved Jax building to progress.  All (several dozen) artists, including myself, will have to move out May 1st after the Spring Art Crawl (April 22, 23 & 24), and are dispersing all over Saint Paul and Minneapolis.  Lowertown is a thriving artist community and the beating heart of art in Saint Paul.  Although I remain dedicated to staying in Lowertown, non-residential studio space is hard to come by.  Even though I am sad to leave the Jax, I choose to remain positive, and instead of pushing back change, I am embracing it. I am honored to be a part of the history of the  Lowertown Landing in Saint Paul.

Lowertown has been a vision as a village since the 1970’s, and the arts will always live here with its artist lofts, creative living and working spaces, restaurants, music in the park and now Saints baseball. Lowertown has become a “hip” place to live for the twenty something’s, to a peaceful place for retirees to call home, plus a percentage of apartments are dedicated to lower-income families or individuals that experience homelessness to help integrate community support and involvement. To learn more about this vision of the Historic Lowertown Landing, check out the website.


St. Paul Lowertown Jax Building sold for redevelopment – Pioneer Press

November 17, 2015 | UPDATED: 3 months ago

The Jax Building, one of the last non-residential artists’ spaces in Lowertown, will be sold Feb. 1 and redeveloped, it was learned Sunday.

The announcement caused concern among the building’s current tenants, who fear they may not find studio space elsewhere.

The building, at 253 Fourth St. E., currently houses the Show Gallery Lowertown, the Classical Ballet Academy and the nonprofit organization Books for Africa. Its upper levels are rented on a month-to-month basis to artists who use the space to create new work.

John O’Brien manages the building, which is owned by his wife’s father. He said he does not know what VoR Jax, LLC, the company that is buying the building, plans to do with it.

“I’ve only heard bits and pieces of what they are planning,” he said.

O’Brien said the family was not actively looking to sell the building, but recent interest from prospective buyers made the concept appealing.

“We weren’t that keen to sell the building. We just thought it would have to be a really good offer, and that’s what we got — a really good offer,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said two other parties expressed interest in buying Jax before the deal was struck with VoR Jax, LLC, and several more made inquiries after the deal was struck but before it was publicized.

In a letter to current tenants, VoR Jax said they will be allowed to occupy their spaces for three months after the Feb. 1 expected closing date.

O’Brien called the current tenants “a truly remarkable group of talented artists.”

“Should the new owners not want to accommodate them, I do not know where they’re going to go,” he said.

Tom Reynen, the vice president of the St. Paul Art Collective, said he found it ironic that artists, who gave Lowertown its Bohemian appeal, are now being pushed out of the area by gentrification.

“It’s a lot like the Minneapolis Warehouse District. They used to have art crawls and galleries. Those are all restaurants now. It’s kind of the same thing,” Reynen said. “Lowertown used to be a wasteland and artists moved in because they could get cheap rent and big windows. Now, they’re being priced out. It’s a classic story, really.”

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Greetings to all!

It appears that the project has been funded.  The goal has been met and the window does not close until Saturday at 6am, so far so good!  I want to thank all who have helped make this possible.

I leave this afternoon.  Creating new work will be just what the doctor ordered.  I will make updates as journal entries on my website blog which feeds my artist page on facebook.  The links are listed if you wish to follow.

Thank you!


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There are only three days!  Over night this Friday my kickstarter project will end.  I am currently 68% funded.  Help me make the goal to take full advantage of the this artist residency that was rewarded to me.  I am leaving Friday…  feeling a little nervous but this is the prefect grounds for something new, big and exciting.  I have been having dreams nightly that entail new imagery… work… passions looking to escape and to be shared with the others.

Become a backer, support my efforts… select a book or a print or just donate.  It is a win win!

Thank you for your support!


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I have been awarded a 7 day artist residency at the Trade River Retreat Center in Wisconsin!

My name is Heather Matson; I am a visual artist and therapist. I have been awarded an amazing opportunity to spend an entire 7 days of solitude and creative nurturing at the Trade River Retreat Center in Wisconsin, based on my artistic merit. I am asking for your help in funding the additional costs of creating a new body of work.

This is my first artist residency that came at the prefect time in my life; my children are older; I finished graduate school a year ago; and am now starting a promising career focused on art making, storytelling and therapeutic healing as an arts-based psychotherapist.

Photography has always been my passion, and I have made it a career since 2000.  I have held numerous awards and shows that have paved my path. My new journey as an art therapist opens more doors for my creative soul and personal story more than ever before. Adding other self-expression modalities has only enhanced my visual storytelling.

My goal for the artist residency is to submerse myself in exploring the human psyche. Creative expressions may explore issues like; personal identity, life transitions, renewal, motherhood, sexuality and strength. This heuristic study will be helpful in understanding not only myself, but also the subjects of exploration, allowing me to express my artistic voice and becoming more effective in my profession. The final goal is to combine written and visual expressions in my first solo fine art book.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This journey will be challenging. Being away from my husband and children will be hard and dealing with myself… I can guarantee that facing myself for 7 days will produce many internal conflicts. Personal fear becomes fertile ground for change, enlightenment and rich storytelling.

The Trade River Retreat Center is wondering, peaceful and secluded place that is heavily wooded with some prairie and a beautiful winding sandy bottom river that runs through it. I will be unplugged from the outside world for a truly meditative experience. This beautiful and isolating setting is an important step in the action of practicing my artistic voice, inventing and renewing creative ideas.

This is an amazing opportunity but it is not free… That is why I am asking for your help. Trade River Retreat Center provides the lodging to me, however I do need your help with the additional costs of transportation, food, art supplies, photographic processing, daycare costs at home as well as lost wages.

My sincere gratitude for your consideration and support,

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OPENING RECEPTION Friday, May 10th, 6:30 to 9:30pm
Please Join Me for the Opening Reception of Home: Where We Live
Friday, May 10th, 2013 from 6:30 to 9:30pm. My work is among over 70 images by
photographers across the nation. The evening will be filled with good art, tasty food,
stimulating conversation and great music provided by Frank Enanzoa and Jamie
Carter. This exhibit is free and open to the public so bring your friends and relatives.
I look forward to seeing you there!


2400 North Second Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411 612.643.3511


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