heather-newHeather Matson believes that we are all defined by our histories, which are what makes the human race both unique and tragic. She has been in various solo and juried shows and has won numerous awards. She strives to bring her vision and style to all her personal and professional life.

Art, in some way or another, has always been an important part of Heather’s life. She initially began her artistic interest as a painter, which she used as a vehicle to explore the personal and social issues she wished to express as an artist. Although the stroke of the brush has been replaced with the exposure of light, Heather’s vision has matured from high school, to college, and finally, to freelance.

Heather graduated from the University of Minnesota, Moorhead, in 1998, with a Bachelor’s of Art degree with a concentration in photography. Originally enrolling as a graphic design major, she felt that this field would be unfulfilling. Wanting to find her voice as an artist and make a difference, Heather changed her degree to photography after taking just one course. The camera was a tool that was challenging enough to perfect, while complex enough to be the vessel for her new voice.

After graduation, Heather took time to explore the world to seek inspiration and to find her place. She eventually settled in her home territory of the Twin Cities. In early 2001, she started her own business as a freelance photographer. Focusing on weddings and portraits, telling the stories of others people’s lives.

She recently completed a three-year journey and graduated with a master’s in arts-based psychotherapy.  This experience helped Heather refine her world lens and self-perception as an artist.  Heather’s life long interest in heritage, history and cultural anthropology appeared to finally make sense.  We, as humans, are defined by how we live and sometimes how we die.  We are telling our stories everyday.  We continue to leave behind pieces of ourselves or evidence of who we once were.  Environmental spaces that have rich history hold the memory of events that occurred there.  Storytelling is an intimate way of connecting with our ancestors, families, communities and the places we live.  Life is given to the artifacts and emotion is given to the landscape through the stories we pass from generation to generation. Heather’s image making serves as a container or witness to these chronicles past and present. The images provoke emotion and create a second cycle of personal storytelling experiences upon viewing.

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