A landscape without emotion is just another landscape.  Depicting a feeling, the wonder and awe, the sense of being present.  I seek making imagery of landscapes to feel like memory… An image created by retelling your experience. Sometimes raw, dull, moody, mysterious, fantasy or simply familiar.


“Ice Castle” 2013. @ Mall of America  (scanned Medium Format film)

02_hmatson_EL01012013December 23rd 2012, I took a walk in the woods with my father behind his home. The snow was deep and hard to travel but the purpose was greater. This very day his brother, my uncle, started a new journey one year prior. During our walk we talked about the good memories with his brother as well as the memories I had as a little girl walking through these very woods. A moment I will always cherish.  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Lone Oak” 2012. What does this lone oak tree tell you?  I find that everyone has a different story.  (scanned Medium Format film)


Mississippi Bluffs, 2012.  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Through the Rabbit Hole.” 2012 Lake Elmo  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Ice Water Fall” 2013.  Lilydale  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Hazy Winter Sun” 2013  (scanned Medium Format film)09_hmatson_EL01012013

“River” 2013  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Fox Tail” 2005. Greater Minnesota.   (scanned Medium Format film)


A cemetery in Hilo, Hawaii 2003.  (scanned Medium Format film)


Hawaii, 2003  (scanned Medium Format film)


Hawaii, 2003  (scanned Medium Format film)


“Mushrooms” 2001   (scanned infared film)